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Shelf Roller-style fluent shelves

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Shelf Roller-style fluent shelves

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Roller-style fluent shelves

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Roller-style fluent shelves

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Name: Fluent Rack
Model: ZJ-LL-01
Type: fluent shelves
Origin: Dongguan, Guangdong
Material: Q235 cold rolled steel
Packing: Bubble bags

Introduction to fluent series
Fluent shelves, also known as gravity shelves (flow rack), according to its load can be divided into two types of pallet with the container. Use the side of the channel as a storage, while the channel as a removal, the load is placed on the wheel. And the shelf is slightly tilted downward in the direction of the outlet, and the goods are moved downwards by gravity to the exit. The storage density is good, but the cost is higher.
Fluent shelf components
The main components of the fluent shelves include shelves, raceways, fittings series. Any station assembly, use a wide range, such as the car station, the electronics industry and the like.
Wire bar: wire rod (also known as plastic tube), is a plastic resin coated with welded steel pipe, in order to prevent the coating and steel pipe separation, they use a special adhesive between the adhesive. The inner wall of the steel pipe is an anticorrosive coating. The standard wire rod has a diameter of 28 mm and a steel pipe wall thickness of 1.0 mm.

Roller-style fluent shelf Structural features:
1, roller-type shelves, also known as fluent shelves, this type of shelf is usually evolved from the medium-sized beam-type shelves;
2, the shelf between the front and rear beams set between the wheel-type aluminum alloy or sheet metal fluent;
3, was a certain slope (3 degrees or so) placed, the use of cargo weight, to achieve the first of the first out of the goods, access convenience;
4, suitable for assembly line on both sides of the process conversion, distribution center picking operations and other places, can be accompanied by electronic tags, to achieve the information management of goods;
5, ordinary shelves can only simply meet the needs of the goods placed, by contrast, the unique structure of fluent shelves can take the initiative to meet the needs of first-in first-out (FIFO), more space-saving, improve the efficiency of the characteristics of the factory Production line Kanban management of several logistics center selection of the best choice.
6, the unit shelf load per floor is usually within 1000kg, shelf height of 2.5 meters or less.

Widely used in power distribution center, assembly shop and the high frequency of the warehouse.

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