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Enterprise Mission:Keep pace with the world in promoting dynamic revolutionbe committed to troubleshooting which will benefit the whole world.

  Paraphrase: Dynamic revolution and troubleshooting, Focus on the boundary and the pursuit of the undertakings of Simo motor. Dynamic revolution which embodies Simo motor ’s beliefs in Continuous innovation and leading the industry in New era, basing on taking the motor as the leading product; Troubleshooting, which shows Simo motor not only supply product and service, but also provide a comprehensive solution to customers .

Keeping pace with the world and benefiting the whole world, which embodies Simo motor’s resolution to be enlarged and strengthened, and internationalized. For this, Simo motor resolutely committed to her mission and pursuit, and will serve as an important force to promote the dynamic revolution in the future competition, and make Simo brand to be found all over the world through the product and the solution .

Quality policy: Pursuing excellent quality ,creating a global brand, Continuous innovation and improvement, enhancing customer’s satisfaction.

  Paraphrase: Pursuing excellent quality is the direction for the joint efforts of all the employees, which shows Simo peoples’s excelsior desire for product’s quality . Firmly establish the concept to all staffs that quality is the bottom line, try to make the product’s quality more perfect, quality should be better but never can reached the best.
  To create an international brand: Company’s active participation in applying for the authorities’s quality management system certification and product certification .Relying on excellent quality, constantly expand Simo motor’s market at home and abroad, enlarge Simo brand ’s market share, enhance Simo motor’s brand awareness, strive to make Simo brand to be an international famous brand.
Continuous innovation and improvement: Meet customers’increasing requirements through continuous innovation of products and management methods ,and effective operation of the quality management system and effective development of quality research, and continuous improvement on the factors of the restriction and influence.

  Enhancing customers’satisfaction: Enhancing customers’satisfaction is the objective and goal of the company’s quality policy, continually innovate and improve through meeting the outstanding quality requirements and through the enthusiasm and meticulous service and customer oriented concept, enhance customer’s satisfaction and strive to customer’s loyalty.

Corporation spirit: Either choose not to do ,or do the best ,there is no other choice .

  Paraphrase: Viewing of the fierce market competition, Simo’s enterprise spirit indicate the word perfect”. Either choose not to do ,or do the best ,there is no other choice, which provides motive power of strengthening  Simo’s enterprise cohesion power and stimulating staff's work enthusiasm. Whether the work is big or small ,Simo always advocates being Careful, responsible, dedicated and excelsior, there is no other choice between no to do and do the best .At the same time ,for the employees ,either be conscientious and do his or her best dedication to work,or left Simo motor.

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Company Name: Xi an Techfull Simo Motor Co., Ltd
Business Phone: +86-29-86171164 +86-29-86171162
Country: China
Address: simohr@163.com
Website: http://www.simo.com.cn/