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JJ-3114 waterproof polymer cement slurry

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JJ-3114 waterproof polymer cement slurry

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JJ-3114 waterproof polymer cement slurry

Product Specifications:
Implementation of the standards:
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Product Overview

Based on cement, fine aggregate as a main component, a modified polymer material and additives in the appropriate blend ratio, and has a flexible waterproof slurry. JJ referred waterproof slurry. One single-component polymer cement waterproof slurry made of cement, fine aggregate and dispersible polymer powders, additives and other components. Two-component polymer cement slurry is made from high quality waterproof acrylic emulsion and a variety of additives organic liquid material, then special cement, fine aggregate composed of inorganic powder, after a certain proportion of two-component flexible Rigid waterproof coating. Give full play to the polymer emulsion for concrete, mortar grassroots permeability, adhesion and water retention, and inorganic materials form a highly elastic coating on the base surface to form an overall waterproof protection.
Product Categories
Products into a single component by component (S class) and two-component (Class D).
Divided by the physical and mechanical properties of type(Universal) and(flexible type) categories.
Code tag
JJ- waterproof polymer cement slurry; S- single component; D- two-component.
Products labeled in the following order: name, type, standard number.
Example: I type single-component polymer cement slurry water mark: JJ waterproof slurry SI JC / T 2090-2011
Implementation of the standards
JC / T 2090-2011 "waterproof polymer cement slurry"
Material Flexible, can cover the cracks less than 0.4 mm, as well as against a slight vibration.
Good product permeability, high bonding strength.
waterproof performance, both for the positive side waterproof and can be used for the back surface water.
waterproof layer wear resistance, after curing Exalted walk.
coating can inhibit the growth of mold, to prevent moisture contamination of salt finishes.
pulp dryness can be pasted directly leveling tile or plaster.
direct construction of complex base surface and wet rough surface of the base.
non-toxic, harmless, can be directly used for drinking water pool and fish pond.
Construction Method
base surface must be strong, clean, smooth, moist, no oil, no floating dust; base surface porosity defects, such as cracks, pre-patched with cement mortar smooth; Yin and Yang Xiu half rounded corner.
The liquid material into a clean mixing container, then proportionally added slowly while stirring the powder, stir 3-5 minutes until the dough no generation, uniform glue can be used. During use to maintain intermittent stirring to prevent stratification precipitate slurry mixing good in general should be used within 1 hour, the emergence of the solidified material can not be reused.
with a roller, brush evenly brushing the slurry on the substrate in a good deal, brushing two or more layers according to the environment and performance requirements; when the first layer to dry to sticky, you can brush the second layer, two layers of brushing should be directed perpendicular to each other, if more than 24h, or coating has been cured, while brushing it on a second time, you must first re-wet the surface with water.
After construction is completed slurry not need to dry completely before coating the necessary protection, such as the prohibition of the Master, rain erosion, exposure, injury and other sharp objects.
Construction of the temperature is appropriate at 5-40 ℃.
proportion of ingredients:
Universal ratio:
Liquid material: powder: water = 1: 3: 0.1 to 0.3
Flexibility ratio:
Liquid material: powder: water = 1: 2: 0 to 0.2
Reference dosage: 1.0mm thick film coatings total with about 2.2-2.4kg / m2.
Widely used in indoor and outdoor concrete structure, floor wall floor, kitchen and toilet, water tanks, cesspools, basements and other damp ground, seepage, waterproofing. Stones can also be applied to the stone, tile, wood flooring, wallpaper, gypsum board as the front layer of the floor before treatment, to prevent moisture and salt contamination effects.
Packaging Storage
Packaging: liquid material: plastic bucket sealed packaging, 20kg / barrel. Powder: plastic woven bag, 20kg or 30kg / bag.
Storage: to be sealed put in more than 5dry, ventilated, cool place; storage period to the date of production of at least six months.
Transportation: This product is non-flammable material, according to general cargo transport. During transport, should prevent rain, sunlight, cold, avoid squeezing, collision, should keep the packaging intact.

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