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Zhangjiagang Channel Int'l Co., Ltd

Zhangjiagang Channel Int'l Co., Ltd

About Us

Zhangjiagang Channel Int'l Co., Ltd. is a primarily engaged in metal and non-ferrous metal pipes, tubes, fittings, strips, profiles,foils and plates; and the machines of furance, extrusion express, drawn burnch, roll milling for the copper & aluminum production lines.

Our company located in Jiangsu Province. we have FIVE ISO certificated sub-companies. one is copper/copper alloy company, one is for steel tube/strip/plate company, one is aluminum products company, and the other two company of furnace plant and extrusion machine/drawing bunch machine company.

Our company has an outstanding team with creation and diligence. Relying on unique management idea and perspective development concept, we can provide high grade service with a good prestige. Through unceasing innovation, we have obtained customers' unanimous praise. Furthermore, our sales networks cover several provinces, cities, and autonomous regions in China.

Our company has fine working environment, advanced ERP office management system and scientific business management pattern, and our rules and regulations are rigorous and financial systems comply with scientific standard. Unceasingly deepening our enterprise culture, we have carried out a series of adjustments of product structure and further reformation. In addition, we constantly invite talented people to improve working efficiency, which has laid solid foundation for our development.

Since our company has been founded, we have insisted on the management idea of "working attentively, good faith personhood, superego, planning to be stronger with joint forces", considered "it is the popular business to serve the country, creating wealth, repaying the society, benefiting staff" as our objective. Moreover, we persist in the enterprise attitude of "advocating study, going all out, rigorous practice, highly effective". "Taking market as the guidance, taking customers as center, and providing considerate services" is our pursuit. Therefore, we can obtain customers' trust.

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Company info

Company Name: Zhangjiagang Channel Int'l Co., Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.channelindustry.net/