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crayfish ultrasonic cleaner

Crayfish (lobster, scallops, crabs, oysters, clams, conch, seafood, shellfish) for its delicious meat widely welcomed by the people, is delicious on the table, around the rich lobster also hosts the annual Lobster Festival, but crayfish belong to omnivorous animals eat mud in the river, eat dead fish or other aquatic organisms.

Adaptable, living environment is more dirty, how to get people to abandon pollution, healthier, more delicious to eat, then eating lobster processing staff should understand the washing machine, it will not only be able to lobster shell, parotid silt deposits thorough cleaning, and more due to the use of ultrasonic cleaning sterilization principle, deeper cleaning dust, kill crayfish surface of harmful bacteria.

TypeInternal size
L*W*H (mm)
Outsize mm
L*W*H (mm)
Frequency (Khz)Power(W)Heating(W)Total power(W)voltage
OEM Ultrasonic Cleaning Mchine(Size, Frequency,Power)-----UCE ultrasonic

working principle
Through efficient ultrasonic emission principle, the water molecules in the lobster shell shock, crashing to the dirt surface, replacing the traditional manual brush scrubbing the place, has the advantage of quick cleaning dead, slit. Need to clean dirty lobster in batches into the washing basket, add lobster washing machine, put water until submerged whole lobster baskets, ultrasonic open, then the automatic washing machine washing of lobster, lobster under ultrasonic, even tight closed cheek are open, while the interior of the wash clean, had the clear water becomes dirty, wait 5 minutes, picked up the basket and rinse with water.
Artificial sometimes rough washing wash cleaning effort and easy to clean, does not reach thoroughly clean results. Roughing personnel if not well washed, on the table will bring harm to human health. What better and easier removal of dirt, while retaining its delicious quality. Well DELHI brand ultrasonic cleaning machine to solve the lobster lobster cleaning problems in the process, to ensure the survival of the cleaning process and food safety. The operator's hand without encounter lobsters, not hurt, can also be used in homes, hotels, restaurants, canteens, trains, ships and other places clean lobster, tableware, fruit, seafood, shellfish, etc., thorough cleaning easy. Lobster ultrasonic cleaning machine is the use of the principle of cavitation, the moment when the ultrasonic bubble formation can produce a sudden burst of atmospheric pressure, which continue to produce strong micro-explosion and shock wave instead of the person's hand to scrub dishes, so to be cleaned soil surface destruction, and rapidly. Because ultrasound can penetrate solid matter leaving the entire liquid medium vibration an

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