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Featured Ultrasonic Transducers Products: Ultrasonic Transducer Ultrasonic nebulizer transducer, Ultrasonic Transducer 100W/33KHZ Ultrasonic vibration transducer, Ultrasonic Transducer ultrasonic welding transducers and more.
Ultrasonic nebulizer transducer Ultrasonic nebulizer Colorful Note: 1.Do not use inverted atomizer ,this will damage the atomizer. 2.Do not to touch the work piece atomization. 3...
[Last Updated : 2018-06-29]
100W/33KHZ Ultrasonic vibration transducer Ultrasonic vibration transducer is a piezoelectric transducer, it is composed by the gland, the piezoelectric ceramic, the electrode chip...
[Last Updated : 2018-06-29]
ultrasonic welding transducer is one of main products of at UCE ultrasonic,which used the piezoelectric effort to realize transduction between electric and sound energy,also named ...
[Last Updated : 2018-06-29]
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