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Wujin Huadong chemistry Co.,Ltd

Wujin Huadong chemistry Co.,Ltd

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Wujin Huadong chemistry Co.,Ltd  is an enterprise which specializes in scientific research ,production technology service.It is well-know for it's water-treatment technics. The technical center of the factory HUA DONG water treatment limited corporation of scientific technology is regarded as a scientific researd entity,which well-done for it's water treatment technology and trade quality by Jiangsu province .It is conducted by some experts on water-treatment now and then,the factory improve its technology and water quility sercice which is wildly used in power ,oil and so on ,in all kinds of industry water-treatment places.
The factory is regarded as an enterprise in morden enrichment and its seven basic work by CHANGZHOU.It is a continuous AAA enterprise in years,it is a specise production factory entered by the Nation power corporation and the Chinese Oil of Chemcial Corporation.Now the factory is busy preparting for the coming (ISO9001-2000) product quality work. With its excellent products,good services and large scare of production.WUJIN HUADONG CHEMISTRY FACTORY is sure to satisfy all sorts of guests from everywhere.Welcome our factory,welcome to trade with us.

Hot Products

1 cleaning agent H-11 The product is applied in heat-exchangers of carbon steel or stainless steel ...
1 High-efficient Scattered Retardants H-51 Inhibit the filth of calcium carbonate,calcuim phosphonat...
1 HPMA H-21 The medicament is mainly used to rnhibit from deposting and corroding in rail-locomotive...
1 HEDP H-31 Inhibite boiler-water and water pipe from depositing.And it is used as anticorroding ...
1 . H-71 It is wilded used in running water in many areas. 2 PAM H-72 . 3 . H-73 It's able to ...
1 1227 H-61 The medicanent is used in the indastrial circulating water-cooling system and water ...

Company info

Company Name: Wujin Huadong chemistry Co.,Ltd
City: Changzhou
Province: Jiangsu
Country: China
Address: Jiaoxi Town, Changzhou, Jiangsu
Website: http://www.hd-chem.com/