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Address: Building AC, Chatou Industry Park, 18, Chatan Road, Guangzhou.

Phone: (020)36372395, (020)36007170

SRWIN Audio ( Hangzhou )Science and technology Co., Ltd.

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As a Sino-foreign joint venture newly established by SRWIN International Enterprise Group and SRWIN Audio System International Co., Ltd. of Denmark, Guangzhou SRWIN Audio Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-size modern audio system manufacturer, specializing in R&D, production and sale of high-end home theaters and professional audio systems. The company owns the right to engage in exports and imports independently and all its products have passed such demanding certifications as 3C, CE and CB. Moreover, the company has already passed the ISO9001 International Quality Assurance System Certification. The various types of advanced electronic audio detection systems the company possesses include the S&K system imported from Denmark , the DASS system from Germany , and the 1MS system of the USA . SRWIN owns an internationally advanced and complete collection of electronic audio research and detection facilities, and what's more, has a group of senior designers, widely respected in the industry and regarded as the real corporate treasures.
Nowadays, SRWIN, famed for its serious attention to the purity of music, combines the highest quality, the most innovative vogue and the most up-to-date technology with customers' needs, and as a result, its products suit the market more comprehensively, thereby possessing the bearing an international name brand deserves. Holding the principle of giving priority to audio and focusing on building up the finest audio systems as its corporate ideology, SRWIN has extended its R&D and production to various main regions of the world and had lots of patents granted in many countries. The company implements the internationalized and modernized mode of production; synchronizes its development across the globe; and guarantees the quality of its products before delivery out of its production facilities through international procurement and local assembly of parts and components thus procured. And this practice distinguishes the company's products from inferior ones that are untruly labeled with the trade marks of other famed companies or manufactured by nonprofessional manufacturers. Because of this, SRWIN has won awards continuously since its establishment and its achievements are recognized by all the fellow traders. Today, besides the products it provides to customers, SRWIN also provides them with quality services, holding the belief that it should serve the world as it comes from the world.

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Company Name: SRWIN Audio ( Hangzhou )Science and technology Co., Ltd.
Province: Hong Kong
Email: srwingz@163.com
Business Phone: (020)36372395, (020)36007170
Fax: (020)36007170, 23167418
Country: China
Address: Building AC, Chatou Industry Park, 18, Chatan Road, Guangzhou.
Website: http://www.srwin.com/