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Address: Building AC, Chatou Industry Park, 18, Chatan Road, Guangzhou.

Phone: (020)36372395, (020)36007170

SRWIN Audio ( Hangzhou )Science and technology Co., Ltd.

Featured Bts 2015 Odm Design Series Presentation Products: SrwinFashion DV-30A Series, SrwinRoyal S-30A Series, SrwinH-80Super Series and more.
SRWIN DV series are the hi-tech products of the digital times. They adopt aluminum magnesium alloy box, unique concave and protruding design, effectively getting rid of the ...
[Last Updated : 2012-05-29]
SRWIN royal S-30 series black diamond top-class products are the hopeful masterpiece. They are of beauty, wisdom, elegance and romantics and their Hi-Fi SQ catering to the music ...
[Last Updated : 2012-05-29]
Blending perfectlywith the household environment, it boasts a haleappearance and exquisite craftsmanship, therebygiving a strong sense of power and profound beauty.Its bass is wide...
[Last Updated : 2012-05-29]
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