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Highshine Industrial & trade Co.,Ltd

About Us

Highshine Industrial & trade Co.,Ltd is a professional supplier of Duct Machines ,Cold Roll Forming Machines,Welding machine &machine tools. It consists of three branch companies, Duct machinery plant(tube product manufacturing plant),Machine tools plant&plastic product plant.
Duct machinery plant(tube product manufacturing plant)
As a professional manufacturer of Duct Machinery, we specialized all kinds of duct/ pipe machines and accessories machines.
At present, we have also developed the CNC Plasma Cutting Machine, Spiral Tube forming Machine, Duct Manufacture Auto-Line, etc.
Highshine Duct Manufacture Auto-Line is the smallest volumes, the most entire function, the highest autoimmunization and the most stable performance both in domestic and foreign market.We also developed low cost economical spiral tube forming machine and Duct Manufacturing Auto-line to meet our customer’s demands.
Highshine is also one of the experts of cold roll forming machines in south China, we supply most kinds of Flange Forming machines,purline forming machines (C-shape, U-shape, Z-shape, M-shape),steel tile forming machines, steel coil slitting lines etc.
Just inform you required products photo or drawing, we will try to meet your special requirements as soon as possible.
Our service include:
All machines will be adjusted to meet user's satisfaction in our plant.
We may train the operators from user's factory in our plant.
We may assembly and adjust the machine in user's plant.
We will provide for  technical support and after-sale service to the  clients  world-wide.
Customized design and OEM production are available.

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Company info

Company Name: Highshine Industrial & trade Co.,Ltd
City: Changzhou
Province: Jiangsu
Country: China
Address: Office 8056# Modern City Mansion ,Changzhou City, P.R.China Factory
Website: http://www.cnhighshine.com/