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Industrial gear oil series

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Industrial gear oil series

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Product Details

Energol GR-XP
Optimal gear wheel oil quality work industry Jane interface
Energol GR-XP Energol GR - XP work gear wheel oil is a possession of column high mass extreme pressure embellish lubricating oil. Most are not always good thermal stability and high bearing load decided to force. It is to add additive (especially the reality is in the wet affection condition) than the ec was preached of optimal BP giambi without grey sulphur phosphorous add additive for development.BP gear oil This product has also has excellent corrosion prevention, anti-foam, milk with antioxidants. Good adhesion, optimal degree of the cold cold air that has set up under the syndromes for torsional moment would not move.Contains add additive and work in possession of gear wheel installed for iron gold and gold of phase and the iron.
The optimal point to
- For each kind of gear wheel - for good good resistance to mention grinding
- on the large prospective, high temperature during work and evil bad condition, also does not use the special characteristics
- With no ash transport - was the most good for giambi Tim of corrosion resistance, grinding
- In the tide that - under the environment of wet,BP gear oil Have good good sex
BP Industrial Gear Oil BP Industrial Gear Oil
Workers possess the tooth wheel oil

Jane interface
For a series of high quality product list leaded extreme pressure wheel gear oil. With the high temperature is good for good stability and high negative jose, and there can work of corrosion resistance, strong corrosion resistance, resistance to oxygen, the power can milk. BP Industrial Gear Oil BP Industrial Gear Oil with good good adhesion, sex, can truly degree in low temperature and the guide to move without ever greater resistance torque. By the use of add additive and gear wheel of the iron box in the iron gold or gold can photograph of capacity.
The optimal point to
- In high temperature and heavy - carved shape condition, still can ask for gear wheel is ok the embellish smooth
- The corrosion resistance, the corrosion resistance and power loss to grind
- oil film shear cutting ability
- Each kind of material pledges and oil seal can photograph
- With the good good - low temperature of flow
Suitable for use
This products is suitable in gear wheel, using screw rotor spinning wheel gear wheel gear with gear wheel work industry etc. Of embellish In a game industry is also work with oil film shaft can be made of oil bearing.
Enersyn HTX Enersyn HTX
High temperature fitting into oil Jane interface
Enersyn HTX .HTX high temperature Enersyn fits into gear wheel oil is a list of in propylene for hydrocarbon products of superior quality development in high temperature, bearing, wheel and axle gear ring system has followed the sex can very well. Dont like alcohol esters or close to the liquid, his agent with ore content embellish smooth and capacitive is very good.
The optimal point to
- Most have the excellent - the high temperature and the stability of oxygen, for this delay for high temperature high speed, the use of life
- fuck do temperature fan surrounded wide (36-180 )
- resistant, good good grinding mill reduction less damage
- With the good good - water runs from the breast, and low foam, with good corrosion prevention and optimization
- air release put
- After the general - low drop down a number of clean, low consumption can reduce the time for exercise of low temperature
- and gear wheel in the box of oil, oil seal mineral content and coating materials and capacity
Should use
Enersyn HTX .Enersyn HTX use from Hollywood to such negative in light of the negative is that the type of gear wheel, to shut down and high temperature operation line of ring system, such as paper machine dry end follow ring system. According to the naked light under critical in the production of products, colour, but it will grow deep in his children cant have sex for any shadow.

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