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Yuxing Screw (Xiamen) Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Yuxing Screw (Xiamen) Industrial Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Yuxing Screw (Xiamen) Industrial Co., Ltd locates on a seaside city-Xiamen where has a beautiful scene, fine weather, and convenient traffic. Yuxing Screw is a professional fastener manufacturer integrated with research, production and sale of precise screws. We put out various kinds of precise screws, triangular screws, solid rivets, straight hole rivets, semi-hollow rivets, rivets, automatic lathe products, nuts, washer screws and other fasteners of copper, cupronickel, red copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel and other materials (Grade 12.

9 in G.B.). Established in 1972, our company is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. Since 1993, Yuxing Screw has invested 7 million five hundred dollars for developing market in mainland. It founded Yuxing (Xiamen) Screw Industrial Co., Ltd that covers 21,500 square meters and established an office for business in Fuzhou.

In August 2005, Yuxing (Kunshan) Screw Industrial Co., Ltd was founded to open the market of eastern China. In order to develop southwest sales, Yuxing Screw (Chongqing) Precision Machinery Manufactruing Co., Ltd. was set up in 2007.

Hot Products

blind rivet,1.5*4.4,plain,heat treatment Specification: blind rivet,1... Material: aluminium No. : ...
machine screw,1.4*3.8,uncomplete thread,nickel plated Specification: machine screw,.. Material: ...
solid rivet, 2.0*1.0*1.7, nickel plated Specification: solid rivet, 2.. Material: cupronickel No. : ...
cross and slotted recess,pan head,2.0*1.0*13,uncomplete thread, plain Specification: cross and slot....
indented hexagon washer, machine screw, 2.5*1.4*3.2, plain Specification: indented hexag.. Material: ...
indented hexagon washer, machine screw, 2.5*1.4*9.8, plain Specification: indented hexag.. Material: ...

Company info

Company Name: Yuxing Screw (Xiamen) Industrial Co.,Ltd.
City: Xiamen
Province: Fujian
Country: China
Address: No.123-129, Tian Feng Road, North Industrial Zone of Jimei, Xiamen City,Fujian
Website: http://www.yuxing-screw.com/