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Address: Jiangsu Taizhou Gaoang Diaopu river west industry area

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Taizhou Wanda QiYa Jian Co.,Ltd

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Taizhou Wanda QiYa Jian Co.,Ltd,The profession researches to manufacture to produce to annoy the spring coil, the series of QD keeps the stretch type to have no source spirit to move to support the pole, the series of QD props up the pole, carrying on the analysis and studying to the of the same kind product of the domestic, international market, absorb its essence, and usher in the foreign advanced equipments technique and import the original material and accessorieses to carry on the design of, the product function stability, currently product popular whole country everyplace, the company has already passed the quantity ISO9000-2000 system attestation once.

Several decades come to company to concentrate on constucting the high quantity image of product, carrying on the continuous craft improvement and renewing the equipments, perfect examination means.Now the company hases already provided with the perfect spirit spring coil of function to assemble the flowing water line, the tiny machinecontrol performance test set, tired life span to experiment the set; high low temperature function impact test set, the salt fog experiment set etc.

appropriation equipments.The company puts great emphasis on the development of the product and researches to manufacture the usage market of combine the continuous extensionspirit spring coil.

The QD series the spirit use to support the pole to take the high pressure sloth air as the motive, propping up the dint in the whole work route of travel is constant, and have the buffer organization, avoideding the impact of, this is the superiority in the biggest characteristics of the common spring coil, and have to install the convenience, use the safety to did not need to maintain to wait the advantage.

The spirit spring coil species that our company produce is well-found, the product used for accessories" promote, propping up, the balance of the gravity is in accordance with replace the machine spring coil of the excellent equipments etc., have the safe and dependable dint the value, don"t seep into the spirit, the service life long etc.

characteristics.Already extensive applied cover in the automobile engine now, the back door open, painting machine, aviation shelf, printing the machine equipments of the machine, the food processing machine and modern automation, workout device, spinning, computer furniture, carpenter machine etc..

Our company takes orders the business enterprise aim of" trustworthiness is originally, customer highest, the quantityfirst, the whole member participate, keeping on the improvement, pursue outstanding".Company commitment:Beg the enterprising, take customer as the core, take quantity as the existence, the trustworthiness expects with" good quality, reasonable price, serve over-valuedly" you investigate to guide and sincere cooperation.

Welcome to browse my company website, need the technique support pure telephone to write us.

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Company Name: Taizhou Wanda QiYa Jian Co.,Ltd
City: Taizhou
Province: Jiangsu
Country: China
Address: Jiangsu Taizhou Gaoang Diaopu river west industry area
Zip: 225323
Website: http://www.wd158.com/