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Shenyang Beinuoer Electric Co.,Ltd

About Us

Shenyang Beinuoer Electric Company is located in Shenyang Economic and Technological Zone, Shenyang Beinuoer Electric Co. Ltd. is a Spanish invested enterprise engaged in integrated services of design, development, production, marketing and after-sales of electric heating equipment in full range.
    Inherited from advanced processing and assembly technology of Spanish Beinuoer Company, the electric heating products are currently produced and marketed by Shenyang Beinuoer Electric Appliances Co. Ltd in China mainly targeting Chinese customers and end users, using original apparatus, materials as well as high-tech processing machines and utilities to guarantee economical selling price with equal superb international quality and closer/quicker services; moreover, we offer even more preferential services and prices to residential areas, storehouses, solider quarters, school campuses with large-scale demands for electric heating.
   Shenyang Beinuoer Electric Appliances Co. Ltd is in step with the trend of world and European electric heating markets and are currently producing the following products:

    1、Air Convection Electric Heater
    2、Radiating Electric Heater
    3、Media Conducting Electric Heater
    4、Storage Electric Heater
    5、Electric boiler heating
    6、Heating-type wall-mounted gas boiler
    7、Machinery, electron various types warm controlling
    8、Electronic timer
    9、Home use electric boiler
    10、Continental decorative electricity fireplace
    11、Intelligent ground heating system
    12、Other electronic products and accessories

    The above-mentioned products are manufactured not only in line with technical standards in Europe for convection and radiation indoor heaters but also in compliance with pertinent China national requirements imposed on heating appliances production.
    Shenyang Beinuoer Electric Appliances Co. Ltd has its own marketing network and connections throughout China and is dedicated to establishing broader channels for marketing internationally. We shall be committed to the cause of bringing warmth to thousands and thousands of households with quality product and complete after-sales services with Beinuoer products. 

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Company info

Company Name: Shenyang Beinuoer Electric Co.,Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.beinuoer.com/