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Address: No.21,Fangjia Hutong,Andingmen,Beijing,China

Phone: ++86 10 84018402, 84018152, 84018483, 84018463

Beijing JAINE Machinery Technology LTD,

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JAINEwith the full name of Beijing JAINE Machinery Technology LTD, is a holding company by Beijing Institute of Construction Mechanization (BICM), which had been under the administration of Ministry of Construction, People’s Republic of China before its reorganization in 2000.
Since its founding in the 1950s, BICM has been specializing in the research and development of construction equipment, especially concrete machinery, foundation equipment, building cranes and parking systems. It has also taken part in setting up and revising hundreds of national and industrial standards. Since 1981, BICM has been publishing CONSTRUTION MACHINERY, one of China’s most influential magazines in the industry, whose website is www.cm1981.com.cn.
Up to now, JAINE has only translated some of BICM’s achievements into two categories of equipment:concrete placing boom and foundation equipment. The former has mobile, stationary, self-climbing, truck-mounted, ship-mounted and rail- mounted types with a horizontal reach of 13~32 m, while the latter includes ZLD series earth augers for SMW method, DZM series hydraulic vibratory pile hammers and HZY series hydraulic vibratory plate compactors.
All of these have widely been applied in the construction of industrial and civil buildings, railways, ports, irrigation works, highways and so on.
JAINE will offer you more advanced construction equipment in the future.
Thank you very much for your visit.

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Company Name: Beijing JAINE Machinery Technology LTD,
Province: Beijing
Country: China
Address: No.21,Fangjia Hutong,Andingmen,Beijing,China
Zip: 100007
Website: http://www.jaine.com.cn/