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Shanghai Yide Industrial Development Co., Ltd

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Address: No.17 Lane 893 Changta Rd.LiTaHui,Songjiang,Shanghai,201208

Phone: (021)57841821 021-57842197-115117

Shanghai Yide Industrial Development Co., Ltd

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ShanghaiYide Industrial Development Co., Ltd was formed in 1995,which is located in Songjiang industrial zone in Shanghai.Our company focuses on the developing and manufacturingof petrochemical machines. We put a plenty of resourcesto nationalizing the imported petrochemical equipmentswith great achievements. During the past years, we havedeveloped extraction gear pump, underwater strand granulator,ring blower and sun-and-planet gearbox from time totime with added values to the petrochemical industry.The recognition from China Petrochemical InternationalCompany towards our work further enhances our positionand achievement in today's industry.
Yide is a factory member of the Marketing ResourcesGroup under the headquarter of China National PetroleumCorporation. We have developed about 20 product serieswhich include centrifuge, extraction gear pump, andetc. New products are pushed to the market every yearto satisfy customer needs.
Yide is founded with a vision of pioneering technology,quality coming first, customer-centric and integrityby providing good quality products to different industriessuch as oil, chemistry, metallurgy, medicine, food andsewage treatment.
Creativity, honesty, integrity, and dedication are ourbusiness statements. We are happy to work with partnerhand in hand to create a bright future.

Hot Products

This centrifuge is operated intermittently, in which the solids of solid-liquid are discharged ...
Main Specifications Model Bowl Diameter(mm) Max.Speed (r/min) Bowl Length(mm Length-to-diameter ...
Horizontal scroll discharge filtration centrifuge is designed for the solids/liquid separation ...
This centrifuge separates solids/liquid through the centrifugal force based on the sedimentation ...
The polymer strands extruded from a die head flow on to a guide plate which is flooded with water. ...
As a filtration centrifuge, this machine discharges the solids from solids-liquid by use of scrapers...

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Company Name: Shanghai Yide Industrial Development Co., Ltd
Province: Shanghai
Country: China
Address: No.17 Lane 893 Changta Rd.LiTaHui,Songjiang,Shanghai,201208
Website: http://www.sh-yide.cn/