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Shanghai JL kitchen Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai JL kitchen Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us

Shanghai JL kitchen Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has committed itself to the production of commercial kitchen equipment research and development since the establishment of the date. Products are widely used in supermarkets, fast-food restaurant, staff restaurant, Western restaurant, hotels, food factories, bakeries and so on.
Company will spare no effort to develop in the next step with intelligent control system of commercial operation of the menu type kitchen equipment and household kitchen equipment , to liberate the people from the heavy labor in the kitchen.
Products has two series at presentcooked food machinery equipment, display equipment
cooked food machinery equipments include ovens, Fryer, Sway soup stove, sausage dryers, electric stoves and so on.
Display equipments include functional display cabinets, ordinary-type display cabinets, display cabinets and other types of display cabinets of marketing sales promotion and so on.
The company has abundant technical force and Nisshinbo CNC punching machine, CNC hydraulic press brake machine, CNC hydraulic machine and other advanced equipment, innovative products are the company's core competitiveness; know the needs of customers, provide the most appropriate personalized solutions; more professional pre-sales Service guidance, a more reasonable sales in a cost-effective, faster and better after-sales service, with the result that companies in highly competitive market environment to speed development.
JL - our aim is to serve commercial kitchen work, using our advanced technology for them to improve productivity, and work in the kitchen with joy.
Provide the greatest benefits for our customers are JL stick to the company's goals over the years. Know the needs of customers to provide solutions to the problem, so the kitchen continuously improve work efficiency, and constantly improve the close relationship between JL makes customers as an indispensable part of commercial kitchen. JL to truly become your company.
We have a special seat from the Constant innovation in market , The first Intelligent Fryer in china, the first Rational( universal intelligent steam oven

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Company info

Company Name: Shanghai JL kitchen Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.
Province: Shanghai
Country: China
Address: NO.58 Yangxiang Road Yangwang Nanqiao Town Fengxian District Shanghai
Website: http://www.shjl123.com/