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Zibo Dongnai New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

Zibo Dongnai New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

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 Zibo Dongnai New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. located in Shandong mall in the eastern part of the Dongping, West and the former residence of Pu Songling Xiangyi, East and the Ma On Shan at each other famous scenic spots. Zi Xin things across the highway, through the North-South railway Xintai, convenient traffic. 
    Zibo Dongnai New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. is the backbone enterprises. Refractories is to develop and produce various products, integrated enterprise. 99 passed the ISO9002 quality certification by the China Quality Certification Center certified registered. Company covers an area of 51,500 square meters, construction area of 28,000 square meters, the existing 360 workers, middle and high-ranking engineering and technical personnel for 52 people. HIP’s existing EHV-8, 2-efficient granulator, planetary-mixing machine 5, 260 to 600 tons of friction press 4, 2 sets of hydraulic machines, six high-strength furnace and other equipment More than 100 sets. In addition, the company equipped with an advanced computer simulation laboratory, modern testing equipment, X-ray control, etc. injury.
    Our main products for the continuous casting of aluminium overall carbon stopper, and the invasion of water for the intakes, tundish various aluminum zirconium carbonaceous intakes, with long-life magnesia converter exports steel, continuous casting, bad, small Zirconium bad side of the nozzle diameter, Steelmaking castable, gunning expected, coated materials such as cement kiln, as well as large-scale and non-phosphate magnesium casting chrome bricks. With the iron and steel smelting technology continues to improve, companies are developing new products, developed smelting clean steel slabs used breathable, long-life sizing nozzle brick, and continuous casting tundish Refractories supporting overall, has been greatly reduced tundish Refractories accident rate, and improve the life of the tundish. National product selling more than 20 large and medium-sized steel mills, stable and reliable quality, repeatedly provinces and municipalities as the advanced units, quality trust enterprises, praised by users.
    Since the inception of the company, always adhere to the quality first, the principle of the supremacy of users, and implementing 'science and technology as a precursor to the quality of survival' of the enterprise approach to enable enterprises to continually develop and grow, not to improve visibility, and achieved good economic and social benefits.

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Company Name: Zibo Dongnai New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
City: Zibo
Province: Shandong
Country: China
Address: Dongping district,Zicuan town,Zibo City, Shandong
Zip: 255174
Website: http://www.dnxcl.com/