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Insulated and reefer Bodies

1111 FRP composite body vehicles are very good insulated and reefer bodies. The panels are fabricated through aluminum extrusions to form complete bodies, achieving elegant appearance. Insulated and reefer bodies MTC can supply vary greatly with about ten-meter-long rigid body trailers at maximum. Compared with other types of bodies, FRP composite panels-bodies have the following advantages:
  • Beautiful and comfortable appearance, which is helpful to upgrade users’image. Each panel is a complete piece, flat and smooth without joint in surface. With good gloss retention, The appearance keeps new , gives a big advertising potential, which can greatly improve customers’ image.
  • Better shock resistance, new looking even over long time using: front panel, rear door panels and side panels are made of polyurethane foam as core, premade FRP skins as outer and inner surface, vacuum bonded together with high strength woven roving in high pressure to form large panels. Such panels have better impact resistance and tensile strength. Tree scratching and cargo’s bumping make little damage to the panels and interior and exterior surfaces can keep new and smooth.
  • corrosion resistance and no maintenance: As the surface of FRP sheet is made of fibreglass reinforced materials, which has better performance against corrosion, it gives a better chemical stability to air, water,and good property against normal dense medium as acid, alkhi, salt, etc. The panels don’t delaminate under high temperature and heavily humid atmosphere. The performance of corrosion resistance is prominent, especially along seaside area. No worry of depaint even through long term operation, no necessity of regular repair and little maintenance cost involve.
  • Against sunshining, better heat shielding and better sealing: Heat-shielding performance is obviously better than metals such as steel, aluminum. Even in hot summer, the composite bodies can avoid prevent cargo scarled and effectively protect cargo. Because the roof is a complete piece of FRP sheet without joint and holes from fasteners’fitting, it gives good sealing and can avoid water leaking.
  • Quick and convenient maintenance and new looking after repair: If panels are damaged, repair just where is broken. Quick and simple repair don’t leave any trace and the surface looks new.

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