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Anhui Sino-Maple Import & Export Co., Ltd

Anhui Sino-Maple Import & Export Co., Ltd

About Us

Anhui Sino-Maple Import & Export Co., Ltd is an exporter and developer, specialized in following two varieties of products:
1. Plant extracts including natural color, functional sweetener, effective monomer and other herb extracts as functional additives for food, nutritional supplement, cosmetics, personal care, medical remedies.
2. Industrial fillers include BaSO4 precipitated, lithopone, titanium dioxide, composite titanium pigment and natural minerals
In particular, our strong items are in natural minerals and deep-processing minerals such as wet-process sericite mica, acicular wollastonite, modified calcite, rare attapulgite, super-fine kaolinpeculiar sepiolite and other. With special mineral structure and compositions, the minerals take irreplaceable effect and unique function used in for coating, plastic, pigment, ink, rubber, paper and other industries.

As such an exporter and developer, we improve and develop new products together with our manufacturer. We have established close relationship with main universities and research institutes in China. This makes us to innovate products quickly.

Our customers are our strategic partners with whom we work closely to seek solutions which will add value to their products and reputations. Client’s problems are our challenges, for which we are eager to offer innovative, cost-effective and reliable products fully fit for the purpose intended.

For many years’ researching in knowledge of the two varieties of products and developing in trade service, we have grown into a professional and active supplier. We were honored to award the exclusive export agent from several specializing manufacturers. After strict selection, inspection and trial order, from numerous factories, we approved some prosperous manufacturers as our long-term, stable supply bases.

We have been offering consistent quality products at competitive prices, on - time delivery and excellent services to the worldwide markets covering Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and Middle East.

We devote ourselves to colorful and healthy life
We pride ourselves in delivering high-end services
We strive to build enduring relations with customers 

Let us hand in hand, let us win-win  

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Company Name: Anhui Sino-Maple Import & Export Co., Ltd
Country: China
Website: http://www.sino-maple68.com/