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H-HPC hydroxypropyl cellulose high substituted

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H-HPC hydroxypropyl cellulose high substituted

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Hydroxypropyl cellulose(HPC)


Hydroxylpropyl cellulose (HPC) is a nonionic water-soluble cellulose ether with a versatile combination of properties: it combines organic,solvent solubility, thermoplasticity, and surface activity with the thickening and stabilizing properties of other water-soluble cellulose polymers.

.Outstanding Characteristics

HPC is soluble in many polar organic solvents and in water below 38,but is insoluble in water above 45.HPC is highly surface-active, with low surface and interfacial tensions of solutions. It has a wide range of viscosities of varying concentrateions in water.



HPC is versatile: it is used in wide variety of applications, including food,

cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, coatings, adhesives extrusions and molding

paper,paint removers,encapsulateions inks, and many other applications

requiring a film-former, stabilizer, suspending agent, film barrier, thermoplastic,

or protective colloid.

.Grades and Types

Hydroxylpropyl cellulose (HPC) is produced in standard and premium grades. The standard grades is for Industrial uses, the premium grades, designated for manufacturing use only, are for foods, pharmacyeutical, and cosmetic. All viscosity types are available in each grade. Solution viscosities of the various types are shown in Table . Typical properties of the polymer and its solutionsare given in Table .


Table lviscosity of various solution types, mpa.s

Concentration in water, weight

Viscosity Type12510










Viscosities determined 25 using a Brook field viscometer with spindle and speed combinations depending on viscosity level. Ranges shown in this table are not necessarily current specifications.


Appearanceoff-white, Tasteless powder

Particle size min

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