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GF candy machinery company, as one of themajor candy machinery manufacturers in China. Our trump machinery are cut&wrap machine,extruder,mixer,cooling tunnel and stick wrap machine for  chocolate wrapping machine.
We are especially strong in cut & wrap machines as up to now we have sold more than 860 units of such wrappers in the market with round more 200 complete plants for bubble gum, chewy and some products similar starting from 1996. Our aim is to make the machines with more or less the European quality but with only round 30% of their cost.
Our clients are including many international giants such as Kraft; Wrigley; Chupa Chups Spain;Joyco ; Mars/effen ; Morinaga ; Bicoro Holland etc . Our major machines have got CE certificates.
    Now We are in position to offer the followings:  
    -The complete mogul plant with kitchen for jellies with or without center fillings,over 25 moulds per  minute;  
    -The complete plant for center filled candies: toffee, fruit chewy or bubble gum;  
    -The complete plant for chewing gum chiclets including the automatic coating equipment;  
    -The complete candy bar line;  
    -The complete plant for chewy candy with the cut & wrap machines in end-folding or double twist or pillow  pack styles and 5-10 pieces in one stick wrap is also possible;  
    -Multi-Lane High-Efficiency Vertical bagging machine with the capacity over 500 pieces per minute, etc.  

We would like to be your reliable Candy Machine manufacturer and welcome to visit our factory.  

We pack the world into wonder. 

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Company info

Company Name: GF Enterprises Co.,Ltd
City: Chengdu
Province: Sichuan
Country: China
Address: Dujiangyan City,Sichuan
Website: http://www.gfhk.net/