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Aetna Lightning Protection Huizhou Co., Ltd

Aetna Lightning Protection Huizhou Co., Ltd

About Us

Aetna Lightning Protection Huizhou Co., Ltd. is a professional development materials, a lightning rod, copper clad steel ground rods, long-term reduction agent, grounding block, negative grounding, electroplating copper ground rods, bus, zinc clad steel grounding rods, grounding twist line, put hot-melt mode, heat flux, and other mine products of the mine company.

The company production base is located in Dongcheng District, Dongguan City, sold all over the country, is a lightning rod for a variety of lightning protection and grounding materials and research and development, production, marketing, engineering design and construction in one of the strength of mine company; in the anti- Ray grounded product development, engineering design, construction and so have a rich experience.

The company has several doctoral adviser, a group of senior R & D engineers and marketing elite, with the construction of maintenance of professional and technical team, strong technical force, with well-known mine enterprises have long-term cooperation and exchanges, can accurately grasp the mine at home and abroad market, advanced technology and information.

Newly developed copper clad steel composite material has good conductivity, high mechanical strength, especially in the outer layer of copper coating has good corrosion resistance; coupled with release hot-melt mode and heat flux welding, the molecules are not permanently aging, solder joints has strong corrosion resistance, simple operation, easy to carry, affordable, they appear instead of the traditional galvanized angle iron and common electrode of the construction process.

Meanwhile 8 and 10 copper clad steel wire to replace the traditional galvanized round bar with a lightning protection not only improve the conductivity and discharge capacity of diarrhea, and handsome in appearance, save for a long time to save the maintenance cost of the project; now widely used in ground engineering, gradually the design institutes and engineering units used.

We are trying to create product brand, has a number of industrial customers with established good relations of cooperation. At present, our products sell well at home and abroad, widely used in telecommunications, electric power, wind energy, transportation, finance, petrochemical, military, construction and other areas.

We adhere to the people-oriented, credit first, customer first, unity and cooperation, encouraging innovation and concept of corporate culture, in strict accordance with ISO9001: 2008 quality certification system to organize production and quality management, the implementation of a professional production and development of lightning protection and grounding products as the core, lightning protection installation for supporting the large-scale, diversified business model, to provide business consulting, product sales, professional training and other services.

We constantly improve the management system, promote technological innovation, improve product quality and expand the marketing! To the top of the lightning protection technology, excellent quality and lightning protection the most affordable prices to serve our customers!

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Company info

Company Name: Aetna Lightning Protection Huizhou Co., Ltd
City: Huizhou
Province: Guangdong
Country: China
Address: Huizhou City Youth Road 3, bottom corner
Website: http://www.antaigs.com/