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Energy-saving lamps straight clay drying line

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Energy-saving lamps straight clay drying line

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Energy-saving lamps straight clay drying line

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Zhongshan Long ground transportation equipment factory, located in China hardware towns - Xiaolan. LED lighting is a manufacturer of professional lighting equipment manufacturers. Excellence, innovation development concept is frequently long, honest, trustworthy is frequently the basis of long survival, production-class products are frequently long been the goal, advances in technology today, the ground dragon with strong technical force, advanced production facilities, innovation, beyond the self, the production batch after batch of new products.
The company has a professional design, manufacture, installation teams, focusing on talent development and training, so that a large number of young scientists to provide a stage to display their talent, growing the company team. Trustworthy, honest, first-class service, give us win more customers.
Company to excellence in quality, technology and product development goals, the attitude of good faith cooperation. To customers, suppliers, employees and related objects as partners working together to improve the quality of products, to create new value. Dedication to provide customers with comprehensive services.
We uphold, the integrity of the attitude of mutually beneficial cooperation and common development philosophy.
Pursuit of excellence, forge ahead, keeping forging ahead, and strive to create brand new values Lung Qin win-win, work together to create brilliant ......
Professional design and manufacture the following products:
I. Lighting Series
1.LED aging line of energy-saving lamps, LED lighting / Bulb lights / MR16 lamp cup automatic aging line, LED fluorescent lamp aging line, electronic energy saving lamp aging line, T4T5 stent ring aging line, T8 T5 stent aging line switch, stepless Light aging line, electronic ballast / transformer automatic aging line and so on.
2. Energy-saving lamps clay drying line, a variety of LED assembly line, assembly line of energy-saving lamps, lamp product packaging line, manual / automatic plug-in line, caps lock, energy saving light clay a plastic machine, e-cut legs, hand-dipped tin heaters.
Second, the welding equipment series
1, lead-free (nitrogen) wave soldering machine; 2, lead-free (nitrogen) echo soldering equipment series;
3, leaded wave soldering machine; 4, leaded reflow equipment series;
5, solder paste printing machine series; 6, SMT peripheral equipment (received, sent to board aircraft); Lighting Lighting
Third, the logistics unit of product
1, the belt (mesh type) conveyor line (PVC production line);
2, electronic components, plug-in production line;
3, the differential chain conveyor (single row, double, multi-layer high circulating) series;
4, ring detection trolley conveyor series;
5, flat conveyor line series: wood, metal, steel, PVC sheet and plate type;
6, C-type, continuous series of vertical lift;
7, no power, product release, power roller, 90 degrees, 180 degrees turn roller conveyor series;
8, storage shelves, mold frame;
9, cable, tube, square tube, product release type, slide hanging conveyor line;
10, other non-standard equipment.
11, series of tunnel-type of low temperature drying equipment (electric heating, oil, gas type);
12, suction lift transfer machine series, turning machine, 180 degree rotating machine, chain (belt) is lifting translation machine, gas (liquid) pressure lifts Series
Fourth, automatic whole plant equipment
1, circuit board manufacturing industry: flap, lifting, dry, shifting sets of transmission lines and private plane;
2, electronic products (computers, monitors, mobile phones and other communications products, spare parts) assembly, plug-in, aging, testing, packaging, complete production lines;
3, household appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators, color TVs, microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, washing machines, video machines, water heaters, stoves, drinking fountains, etc.) assembly, cleaning, aging, testing, packaging, complete production lines;
4, mechanical products (injection machines, compressors, hardware, auto parts, engines, motorcycles, etc.) material transfer conveyor assembly and test, packaging and production lines;
5, light industry products (cosmetics, food, clothing, textiles, watches, photographic equipment, luggage, etc.) transport packaging assembly line;
6, spraying complete production lines.
Supporting the production line to undertake engineering design automation. The who

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