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Phoenix (Qingdao) Giftmaker Co., Ltd.

Phoenix (Qingdao) Giftmaker Co., Ltd.

About Us

Phoenix (Qingdao) Giftmaker Co., Ltd. is founded in 2004 and located in thebeautiful coastal city---- Qingdao, China, We are a professional gift-makingfactory with an area of 7000 sq meters and more than 500 staff. Combining withthe wonderful glass arts, we produce kinds of beautiful giftwares anddecoraitons.

1.Gourmet gift sets including cocoa, coffee, chocoalte, tea and candies.(CCO,CDY Series)
2.Various condiment container sets or cruet sets used inkitchen.(SP Seires)
3.Hot bar drink sets including margarita, cocktail, etc.(DM Series)
4.Decorative bottles with fresh fruits,vegetables or beansinfused in vinegar or oil. (FV, OV Series)
5.Personal care products inclduingliquid hand soaps, bath and spa products. (HBA Series)
6.Various designed oillamps made by glass bottles. (LMP Series)
These products are well received byclients both at home and abroad for the unique craft, premium quality, originaldesign, rational price and complete service.
The control of our production isvery strict. We have already passed the ISO9001, HACCP authentication. Under theguidance of HACCP & ISO9001, the experienced workers produce in the clearenvironment, which garantees the quality of produts. The materials used areabsolutely green products and without pollution.
We own the management rightto export and most of the products are exported to USA, Canada and Europeancountries. In the past four years, we have been developed steadily. Now ourbussiness is expanding rapidly.We welcome customers of home and abroad tonegotiate and establish business relationships with us. At the same time, we canalso accept orders of manufacturing with pictures or samples. We are OEMmanufacturer. Looking forward to cooperating with customers who are interestedin these products.

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Company info

Company Name: Phoenix (Qingdao) Giftmaker Co., Ltd.
Country: China
Website: http://www.phoenixgift.cn/