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ELIDA packaging machinery CO.,LTD

ELIDA packaging machinery CO.,LTD

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ELIDA packaging machinery CO.,LTDis a subcompany of Taiwan ELIDA international company group holdings CO.LTD, specially produce all kinds of packing machines, packing equipments, packing materials and automatic assembly line, transport machine and production line. We depend on the excellent quality and service to exist and develop. We get the honor of "The kingdom of automatic packer in Taiwan"for our grandiose scale, abundant technical force, complete species and professional services. We set exhibition halls in Pearl River delta. We also took the lead in passing ISO9001 and the 2000 International Quality Management system authentication.
Our main products:
Packaging machine: automatic packer, semi-automatic enlacing machine, automatic bundling package machine, postal enlacing machine, PET plastic metal band packer, Italy Columbia COLUMBIA plastic metal band packer, Swizerland ORGAPACK plastic metal band packer, Swizerland FORMM plastic metal band packer, Taiwan ZAPAK plastic metal band packer, pneumatic PET strap bundling package machine, electrically operated plastic metal band packer, electricizing PET packer, hand-holding non-buttoning metal strap packer, pneumatic non-buttoning packer, assembling pneumatic metal packer, separate pneumatic metal strap packer, pneumatic tightening implement, pneumatic lock implement, Italy Columbia COLUMBIA metal strap packer, Swizerland ORGAPACK metal strap packer, Swizerland FROMM metal strap packer, Shrinker, heat shrinkable packer, automatic sealer, automatic folding cover sealer, automatic angle margin sealer, pneumatic tacking-case machine, manual tacking machine, pulling extended membrane twister, automatic packer, wrapping membrane machine, shrinkable membrane packer, skin packer and blister sealer, sucked plastic machine, sucked plastic packer, sucked plastic packing sealer, automatic cellophane paper packer, tri-dimension packer, printing code machine, nylon automatic enlacing machine, nylon enlacing machine, draw rope binding machine, sealer, heat melting glue machine, heat melting glue smearing fabric machine, glue gelatinizing machine, heat melting glue gelatinizing machine, high frequency sealer plastic melting joint machine, high frequency sealer, steel roll opening scissors, metal band scissors, scissors and the packaging machinery fittings.
Bag packaging machinery: pillow style packer, lying style packaging, sealing back packer, standing style packer, grain packer, power packer, liquid packer, automatic weighing packer, automatic taking material measure packer, multi weigher packer, food packer, tri-side sealing packer, four sides sealing packer, automatic multi-grain packer, different products fixed bagging packer, automatic toothpicks packer, automatic chopsticks packer (with double colors printing and paper packing), automatic vacuum packer, tea-leaf seven grams drunk packer, automatic pouch vacuum packer, vacuum machine, vacuum packer, outside pumping vacuum packer, vacuum capper.
Packing material: transparent packaging strap, lettering baling strap, PET plastic metal band, manual enlacing band, nylon enlacing band, lettering seal glue, PE automatic tensile membrane, PE manual tensile membrane, enlacing membrane, packaging membrane, wrapping membrane, adhesive membrane, POF environmental protection heat shrinkable membrane, PP environmental protection heat shrinkable membrane, PE environmental protection heat shrinkable membrane, PVC shrinkable membrane, shrinkable bag, PVC skin adhesive membrane, PP skin adhesive membrane, vacuum bag, PE protective membrane, heat melting glue, sealing case tack, printing code color band, ink wheel, printing ink, glowing thread, high temperature adhesive plaster, high temperature adhesive tape.
Bar code technology: bar code printer, label printer, bar code scanner, bar code scanning spear, bar code collection implement, bar code detector, bar code label, label paper, label, bar code carbon strap, color band.
Office equipment: computer remote closed-circuit monitor, computer hard disk video cassette recorder, company group phones, fingerprint check on work attendance system, induction IC card gate ban, IC card check on work attendance system, public broadcast system, guard against theft and alarm system, wireless interphone, projection instrument, computer network engineering, duplicating machine, fax machine and kinds of office software.
All the above are just one part of our products, if you have any problems about packaging, any special requirements, we can design for you specially.
Elida promises:Provide customers with high quality products and excellent after-sale service with our first grade equipments, first grade quality and service. All staff of Elida have prepared to serve you sincerely.

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Company info

Company Name: ELIDA packaging machinery CO.,LTD
City: Foshan
Province: Guangdong
Country: China
Address: No.85-87, Longjin Av. Nanzhuang, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong
Website: http://www.elida.cn/