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Address: No.690 Tian Tong An Road Shanghai China P.C 200081

Phone: 086-21-51035001, 086-21-51035006, 086-21-56639857, 086-21-58712345, 086-21-64922970, 086-21-56664470, 086-21-64928501, 086-21-64928500, 086-21-58120997, 086-21-63219999

Shanghai Medical Instruments Co., Ltd

About Us

 Shanghai Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. is authorized by Shanghai Municipal People's Government in 1998. She is a holding company by Shanghai Industrial United Holdings Co., Ltd.(Public Company).. It is a new- and high-tech enterprise integrated with science, industry, commerce and trade. She is a backbone medical instruments company in the Chinese medical marking. whose registered capital is one hundred million RMB yuan.

    We mostly exploitation, production and sales four kind product(including: operation room device, dental material and dental device, medical optical diagnose device,health and medical expendable). Our company have six son-company and five holding company and joint venture company. We have many famous registration brand.

(like: Jade Rabbit”, Eagle”, Shangchi”, Yishen”, SMOIF”, SDIF”), have about 30% Chinese user use our product. Our company’s brand(SMIC”) have favorable report in southeast Asia, Africa, East Europe and South America’s country. Our company in progression ten years be appraised Shanghai new- and high-tech enterprise”, and Jade Rabbit”, Shangchi” time after time continue to hold a title with Shanghai famous brand product”.

Our company have 34 product got country level’s important new production title and city level’s science advancement award. We hold one item invention patent, 3 item for application of invention patent, 23 item for appearance design, 13 item for utility new product, 30 item for key technology and grown up technology.

Some production’s performance and technology have adjacenced or achieved the level same as the production in the international.

    By some years, our company’s economy benefit with steady steps advanced. Our product’s rivalrousness and enterprise’s core rivalrousness constantly advancing. Our brand’s famousness constantly entending, conlligation advantage increasingly emerge. Especially half year of 2005, Shanghai Industrial United Holdings Co., Ltd. increase hold our company’s stock, make medical instruments operation be way of she’s medicine operation’s emphases development.

bring forward the development object for medical instruments industry flat roof. Establish the guide for marketing’s complete process ,complete trend, regular, high efficient production and management system. Hammer at innovation by self, concentrate innovation, and fetch in foreign technology and innovation once more.

Improve the product’s rivalrousness and science content. Make the product have extract quality and make it worthy with she’s brand. After revolution ,conformity, industry management, capital operation, develop the science and technology, alteration the technology, foreign investment and the other way, continually optimize frame of industry.

Continually advance production’s level. Continually realize the capital dilation, Thereby to become a advanced management, science and technology on top, centralize the person with ability, brand resound, have more ability of profit and core rivalrousness’s medical instruments enterprise. Become a have some force’s integration company in the Chinese marketing.

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Company Name: Shanghai Medical Instruments Co., Ltd
Province: Shanghai
Country: China
Address: No.690 Tian Tong An Road Shanghai China P.C 200081
Website: http://www.smicc.com/