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     .  1. Appearance and Color: Pure turpentine should be colorless and transparent. If water is not cleared in the producing process or the packing vessel is rust, it turned yellow and turbid. Hence, before production completes, water should be removed as clearly as possible.
          2. Specific Weight: Specific weight depends on the different kind of terpene hydrocarbon it contains. Bicycloterpene hydrocarbon has the largest specific weight, and then Monocyclo-terpene; Open chain hydrocarbon has the least specific weight.
         3. Refraction index: Refraction Index is an indicator of substance property. It is the ratio of light velocity in two media. With the same acid value, the higher the refraction index, the more content of high-boiling pointed distillations in the turpentine.
        4. Volume of Distillate below 170 : This is a major indicator of turpentine quality. Since -pinene has a boiling point of 155-156 , -pinene 162-163 , and 170-185 for most bicycloterpenes, 254-256 for longifolene, the more the volume of distillation below 170 , the higher percentage of valuable contents such as -pinene and -pinene.
         5 . Acid Value: Turpentine is a neural mixture of terpene. In the producing of it, if rosin foam is taken into the condenser, or if rosin is boiled off under a high temperature, the output turpentine will be weakly acidic. High acid valued turpentine can erode the tin containing it, thus making itself look yellow. Such turpentine need another distillation before using. Therefore, the acid value of turpentine should be as low as possible.
         6. Optical Rotation: When a linearly polarized light beam passes through a liquid containing asymmetric carbon atoms or optically active substances, an optical rotation will occur, namely, the polarization plane of the light will rotate right or left. Such rotations has certain degrees of rotation, this is called degree of optical rotation. Even the same kind of terpene from different places has different property of optical rotation. For instance, the -pinene in the turpentine of China, Portugal and France has a sinistral optical rotation, while that of Soviet Russia, Greece and India is dextral.   Different species of trees produce turpentine with different optical rotation. That of mason and slash pine is sinistral, and that of longleaf pine is dextral.
        7. Distillation Residue: These are mostly resin acid and other neural substances with high boiling point in the turpentine. Residue content should be as low as possible.

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