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Maquiberry Powder


Maquiberry Powder

Country/Region China
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Maqui berries are the fruit of an evergreen shrub (Aristotelia chilensis) growing throughout the pristine Patagonian mountain region of southern Chile. The berries have been both a staple food and part of rituals and ceremonies for the Mapuche Indians—one of the longest-living cultures in the world. The maqui berry was considered a sacred plant symbolizing goodwill by Mapuche communities.

Maqui Berry is wild harvested from the Patagonia region of Chile. It is the highest known antioxidant of the superfruits. The plant exists in a harsh climate causing it to develop a high concentration of Anthocyanins and Polyphenols. These are the most powerful antioxidant compounds exhibiting health support of inflammation based issues. Maqui Berry has the highest Total ORAC value of the superfruits providing a healthy foundation for the whole health and anti aging. Maqui Berry contains approximately triple the antioxidant value of pomegranate and double the acai berry.

Main Function

1. Control weight.

2. Antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-protozoan, anti-inflammatory and anticancer actions.

3. Pain-relieving and fever-reducing properties.

4. Antibiotic actions.

5. Soothe coughs.

Application Filed

1. Maquiberry Drinks (Fruit drink)

2. Maquiberry Foods (Food Ingredients)

3. Maquiberry Capsules or Tbalets (Healthy-care product)

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