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Shanghai TeBearing Electronic Devices Co., ltd.

Shanghai TeBearing Electronic Devices Co., ltd.

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Growing Path
In the middle of 1980s, TeBearing successfully developed the key component of magnetic bearing for inductive energy meter----ring magnet and the senior engineers who developed the ring magnet are now the investors of TeBearing.
In the beginning of 1990s, the company began to design, manufacture magnetic bearing for inductive energy meter. In 1998, TeBearing began to provide magnetic bearing to some domestic energy meter factories. The turnout increased from 100,000pcs to 1 million sets within one year.
Since 1999, TeBearing has begun to find customers in overseas market. The quality and competitive price of our product have won us long-term customers such as ABB, GE and ITT.
Based on the experience accumulated from the manufacturing of magnetic bearings, TeBearing has extended its business to all energy meter dependent products such as AlNiCo brake magnets, magnetic cubes, shaft, rotor disk, upper bearing, registers, current & voltage coil, and associate electronic devices such as magnetizing & demagnetizing devices, and all kinds of sintered magnetic materials, mainly for computer industry
"Strive for Better" is the slogan of TeBearing. Not only do we strive for better quality of our products, but also we strive for mutual benefits, true friendship and sincere cooperation.

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Company Name: Shanghai TeBearing Electronic Devices Co., ltd.
Country: China
Website: http://www.tebearing.com/