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News & Knowledge Care & Maintenance Routine Cleaning
Simply dust mop or vacuum with a soft brush or wood-floor accessory to keep your laminate floor clean from dust, dirt or grit. A damp cloth or mop can be used without damage to the laminate panels, but do not use excessive water. Dry the floor thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth. Blot up spills or water from wet feet or footwear immediately with a clean, dry cloth, sponge, or paper towel. Do not allow excess liquid to remain on the surface. Do not use soap-based detergents, abrasive cleaners, or combined "clean and shine" products on your laminate floor. Do not use steel wool or other scouring pads that may scratch laminate panels. Do not wax or polish your laminate flooring. Do not steam clean or use chemicals that may damage the flooring surface. Stubborn Spots
Use acetone or nail polish remover on stubborn substances such as tar, asphalt, paint, or oil. Then wipe clean with a damp cloth.
Care and Maintenance
While your laminate flooring is highly resistant to stains and abrasions, it is not indestructible. In order to maximize the durability and beauty of your laminate floor, we recommend the following practices as part of your floor's normal care and maintenance.
Place a doormat outside the exterior entrances to collect excess moisture, sand, grit and other potentially damaging substances from being tracked onto your laminate floor. Use only colorfast and non-scratch carpeting or pads on your laminate surface. Avoid sharp or pointed objects with concentrated weight such as high heels on your floor. Use protective felt pads under furniture legs or wide castors under appliances levelers. If using a wheeled dolly to move furniture or appliances on your laminate floor, place a clean sheet of smooth plywood or other protective layer over your laminate surface. Rearrange furniture occasionally for increased indentation resistance Do not treat or seal your laminate floor panels after they are installed. Never sand, lacquer, or refinish your laminate flooring surfaces. Time: 2007-4-16

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Company Name: Lingdian Laminate Flooring
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