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Shimadzu has now taken spectroscopy to the next level with the powerful, flexible and easy to use, UVProbe software. This package is specifically engineered for Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Its' standard data acquisition modes, vast data processing capabilities, and robust report generator provide the ultimate tool for your UV-Vis solutions.

Sample UV Probe.avi files - click to view.

  • UVProbe Report
  • UVProbe Toolbar
  • Setting Photometric Method
  • Setting a Kinetics Method
  • Setting a Spectrum Method

This 32-bit package, for use with the UV-1650, UV-2401PC, UV-2501PC, PharmaSpec 1700, UV-3600, and UV-3700 spectrophotometer, has been designed to accomodate every level of operation, from beginner to advanced users. The software has the ability to show or hide any screen element to fit the users essential operating needs for their specific application.

The security feature allows the administrator to determine which operations a particular user group can perform, and logs the users name along with the operation in the history of the data set. Processing capabilities and robust report generation provide the ultimate tool for your UV-Vis solutions.


Operating System:Windows 2000 and Windows XP
Instruments:UV-1650, UV-1700, UV-2401PC, UV-2501 PC, UV-3600 and UV-3700
Data Acquisition Modes:Spectrum, Kinetics and Photometric
Spectrum Mode:Unlimited Spectrum Display
Option to save all original data within a single file
Save all processed data with the original data set including a history of all manipulations
Easy configuration of all accessories including multicell positioners
Data Processing Functions with the Spectrum Mode:Normalization, Unlimited Point Pick, Unlimited Peak Area Calculation
Transformations: 1st-4th derivatives, Smoothing, Reciprocal, Square Root, Natural Log, Logarithm, Power, Abs. to %T conversion, and Exponential
Ensemble Averaging, INMterpolation, Data Set and Constants Arithmetic including +,-,/,* and Blank Subtraction
Photometric Mode:Unlimited Number of Custom Equations with the following operations: Addition, Subtraction, Division, Multiplication, Logarithm, Conversions, Exponential, Parenthesis. Equations can be performed using multiple wavelengths, factors, constants and previously entered equations
Pass/Fail Indication
Measure a point or a wavelength range with the ability to determine the peak, valley, maximum, minimum or peak area for quantitative analysis
Unlimited Sample Repetitions including delayed sample readings, prompt before repeat, auto scan and timed repeat
Multi-point, Single point, K-factor calibration curves for a fixed wavelength, ratio, difference or 3 wavelength net absorbance
1st, 2nd and 3rd Order Curves with zero interception capability
Display Standards and Sample tables simultaneously with calibration curve and sample curve
Standard Error of Prediction
Support of accessories
Kinetics Mode:Unlimited number of displayed Time/Course Kinetics Curves
Display kinetics curves with Michaelis-Menten tables and graphs simultaneously
Single or double wavelength measurement (difference or ratio)
Sample preparation information sheet with weight, dilution, and volume saved with original data
Auto increment file names and save multicell data into one file
Event recording and delay/pause feature for adding substrates
Report GeneratorQuick report templates
What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) report layouts and print preview
Multiple page reports

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