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Animal disease ELISA test kit PRRSV RT-PCR test kit


Animal disease ELISA test kit PRRSV RT-PCR test kit

Country/Region China
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PRRSV RT-PCR test kit
This test was assessed for sensitivity and application as a rapid diagnostic tool by comparison with virus isolation and detection of PRRS virus antibody in blood. The RT-PCR test was slightly more sensitive than virus isolation for detection of virus in serum and markedly more sensitive than virus isolation from plasma from experimentally infected pigs.
RNA in refrigerated serum sample is extracted by TRIzol , The cDNA synthesis was performed with RNA template and specific primer . To produce fragment of PRRSV , degenerate at high temperature, anneal at low temperature, transcript at mid-temperature, cycle with Taq DNA , amplify million fold through 35 times cycle. Electrophoresize RT-PCR products , dyed by ETBR, generate specific fragments in the ultraviolet lights which can be seen by eyes. 
A. solution: Positive control              60 ul
B. solution: TriZol solution                      7ml
C. solution: CHCl3                        3.5ml
D. solution: C3H3O                                    4ml
E. solution: CH3CH2OH                             12ml
F. solution: DEPC-Deionized water:         500ul
G. solution:RT-PCR buffer               22.5ul X11
H. solution:sample buffer:                    50ul
Storage: B, C,D,H, stored at 4-8 ℃; A,E,F,G, stored at -20 ℃;don’t froze repeatedly.
Expiry date:3 months.
Specification:10 test

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