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Countertop Oral Irrigator RST5105

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Countertop Oral Irrigator RST5105

Country/Region China
City & Province Shenzhen Guangdong
Categories Other Dental Hygiene

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Product Name: Countertop Oral Irrigator RST5105
Model: RST5105
Min. Order Quantity1000 pcs Pieces
FOB Price: Inquiry Now
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Countertop Oral Irrigator

- Removes bacteria deep between teeth and below the gum line where brushing and flossing can′t reach
- Massages and stimulates gums to improve circulation and deep our gums strong and healthy
- Ideal for cleaning around dental bridges,braces and crowns
- Multi-function handle: Release button helps to easy replace the nozzle;Nozzle can be rotated in 360°helps to easy treat all areas of the mouth;Water flow On/off switch allows easy to pause water flow.
- 600mL high volume water tank
- 3 mode(Clean,Massage,Fresh breath) can charge on the unit body
- Easy operating control system with 5 settings on the handle a water pressure from 30 to 110 PSI with 1400 pulses per minute
- Auto shut-off turns off after 3 minutes cycle is complete
- 4 interchangeable nozzles for multiple users , and 5 kinds of available tips meets varying dental needs
- Separable nozzle case for storage up to 4pcs of nozzle tips
- Powered by DC adapter, worldwide voltage (AC100~240V)
- Product size: 135(L) x 103(W) x 242(H)mm
Kit includes:
- Main unit x 1set
- Water tank x 1pc
- Handle x 1set
- Nozzle case x 1pc
- Standard Nozzle x 3pcs
- Tongue Scraper x 1pc
- Pocket Tip x 1pc(Optional)
- Orthodontic Tip x 1pc(Optional)
- Toothbrush Tip x 1pc(Optional)
Color:Ivory White(body),Transparence(water bank)
RoHs Compliance:Available
Product Size: 135(W)x103(D)x242(H)mm
Packing details:Color Box
MOQ: 1000PCS

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